Ten reasons why I prefer Moodle (and you should too)

Moodle is an LMS that has been around for what seems like ages. It’s a known and trusted LMS by many schools, universities and corporations. Created by Martin Dougiamas and first available for download in 20011)https://docs.moodle.org/33/en/History, it has been the education industry’s go-to for delivering online education in modular form. I personally have experience working with Moodle developing plugins and creating courses both for CNM‘s department of distance learning as an intern (back when it was known as TVI), and also for NMT‘s management department assisting in a senior project.

Nowadays it seems like we’re in the age of modern LMS’s with it being incredibly simple to start an online course or even put class content online. I’ve tried out many of these – Google Classroom, Edmodo and Schoology, just to name a few of the more popular ones – and have been most pleased with what I’ve seen. Most of them are incredibly flexible, easy to setup courses and student-user friendly. Many of them are even robust in creating and delivering modularized course content.

However, here’s the point of contention. After all this, I still say that Moodle is the best. Here are ten reasons why.

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1. https://docs.moodle.org/33/en/History

The problem with final exams

I hate paper exams. I don’t believe that they adequately assess knowledge nor do they show understanding in a way that is beneficial. They don’t even really represent what it is that we’re trying to teach students to do. I heard it said long ago that the only thing paper exams show is how well a particular student can do on a paper exam. It’s true. Think about it – what do students do before a big IGCSE or AP exam? They cram by reviewing past papers and example questions. It’s quite a ridiculous culture that focuses on examination instead of learning.

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