On being a loving teacher

When I think back to my high school years and remember the teachers I had, the word ‘loving’ certainly doesn’t come to mind. I had some ferociously strict teachers of whom I can still remember their personality and mannerism to this day. I remember specifically my 7th grade teacher still holding her hand out in front of students’ mouths as they spit their gum out, or how she would pass pack the handwriting sheets and expect us to do them all over again if every little cursiveĀ letter wasn’t perfectly written.

As I became a teacher, I told myself that I would never be like them and that I would be a caring and loving teacher who showed compassion and sympathy for who my students were. Seven years later, I can honestly say that I am just as strict, requiring students to tie their shoes and fix their ties. However, I don’t believe that I’m any less loving of a teacher than who I set out to be all those years ago.

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